The main products are:

  • relay protection and automation IEDs
  • relay protection and automation cubicles for networks up to 750 kV (stations and substations)
  • modern SCADA for substations
  • transmission line fault location;
  • hardware-software system solution for fault location in power distribution networks
  • single-phase fault selector devices for networks with isolated and compensated neutral
  • software for fault currents and IED settings calculation

TOR 300 — intelligent electronic device

TOR 300 is a microprocessor-based device (also IED) intended for relay protection, system integrity protection, control and signaling functions in 6-750 kV power networks. The device can be installed in relaying compartments of stationary attendant chambers, metal-clad installations, switchgears for outdoor installation, on boards, in cubicles and control boards of power plants and substations as well as in smart grids and digital substations.

Ready-made relay protection cubicles

Ready-made relay protection cubicles are usually installed at HV/EHV Substation Control Center or in the station main control room.

The relay cubicle is a metal construction (by RITTAL or other) which can be one of the standard sizes depending on the protected equipment.

The relay cubicle can be of one-sided or two-sided service with metal, glass or windowed front door. A relay cubicle can consists of two cubicles coupled together.

User software

The complex of user software is intended to help user to configure a device properly, to operate with it and to analyze faults and abnormal conditions if they happen.

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