Relematika: relay protection, automation and software for power industry

The company of Relematika is:

  • one of the leading manufacturers and developers on the Russian market of relay protection and automation
  • a well-known Russian research centre of electrotechnical science
  • a modern and progressive company

Our specialization is design and producing of relay protection intelligent electronic devices (IEDs). We produce a complete range of relay protection and automation systems for power facilities 6–750 kV. When creating solutions we consider all the current trends and standards and test them for compatibility with the products of the largest global suppliers.

The main products are:

  • relay protection and automation IEDs
  • relay protection and automation cubicles for networks up to 750 kV (for stations and substations)
  • modern SCADA for substations
  • transmission line fault location
  • hardware-software system solution for fault location in power distribution networks
  • single-phase fault selector devices for networks with isolated and compensated neutral
  • software for fault currents and IED settings calculation